Excited to be collaborating on my first ‘threepiecesweet’ collection

Suzie Johanson is an established designer with over twenty years’ experience working with a diverse range of businesses, design agencies and publishers.

Her work spans projects in brand identity, logo design, web design, publishing and packaging. Whenever her work allows, Suzie always strives to incorporate colour into her design. This is her passion. And it is mine too!

Sensara Kolure bath salts range

Sensara Kolure bath salts range

Suzie has wanted to expand her design work to pattern and print for some time, so when I approached her to design the logo (she did a fantastic job!) for my new business venture ‘threepiecesweet’ - collections of three chairs in collaboration with contemporary textile designers -  we got talking, and then talked some more. In a very wonderful serendipitous way we embarked on the journey we currently find ourselves on.

Suzie is in the throes of designing some beautiful contemporary patterns which will be unveiled at Artwave 2015 this summer from her home in East Sussex. I’ve been on the look-out for contemporary textile designers with whom I can collaborate with for a while, so I’m very excited we’ve met and started working together. I hope my first collection of ‘threepiecesweet’ with Suzie will be the first of many collaborations to come.

As our project progressed we had the good fortune to discover and work with Hatley Print. Experts in digital fabric printing, they boast an impressive track record of clients in the film industry, interiors, theatre costume, fashion and the art world. They started out as specialists in hand silk screen printing onto textiles and wallpaper for some of the most prestigious creative industries in London.

As technology has evolved towards digital fabric printing, Hatley have positively embraced this development in their work. They have become experts in digital fabric printing, offering a design and consultancy service built on quality and excellence. I had the pleasure of meeting Dan and Rosa at their offices in Lewes last week and came away in awe of what they do. The precision with which they work is absolute. There is no room for error. A hair that might find its way into the machine at any time could ruin the print run and would mean starting again from scratch, throwing away metres of expensively printed fabric.

The digital printing method means that designs and colour possibilities are infinite. Suzie and I feel privileged and excited to be working with them and to have their expertise and knowledge on board.

Above, work in progress, Suzie has chosen a high quality linen on which to print her design. After an initial sample run here she is choosing the final colours with a Hatley colour palette so that they can set up for the first print run.

You can see Suzie's beautiful designs over in the gallery and shop. The final designs were selected by us, produced by Hatley and have been upholstered by me onto gorgeous midcentury cocktail chairs.