Inspiration behind the Pixel Armchair with Rachel Parker

There is something very pleasing about the chair I have just worked on with Rachel. I love so many things about it so I may come over all gushy! I love that its beginnings are from vintage pattern papers that Rachel found in charity shops, which she scanned in, to form the basis of her digital design, the merging of old and new: 

FullSizeRender-10 copy.jpg

“My work often combines hand-stitching and digital print which is something that I was able to push further than ever before with this collaboration. The pattern was created by scanning in vintage paper embroidery patterns sourced from charity shops, re-purposed to create something new. I love that the design has its roots in embroidery and we came full circle! "


" I've always been drawn to archives and paper ephemera, especially when it comes to textile patterns. There's something about the ordered structure of symbols and grids contrasting with the fluidity of threads that I keep returning to time after time, it seems to be the point where craft meets graphic design.”


We discussed colour-ways at great length, there were so many choices and of course it was difficult to narrow down and make a final choice, such hard decisions to have to make! I am so pleased with our final choice and the wools we chose to hand embroider onto the chair enhance the design wonderfully, jewel like in their quality! 


Great too, that we can tweak colour-ways for future commissions should a customer have a particular colour scheme in mind, a rainbow of embroidered Pixel chairs, now that would be really something!